Programs at MFC

The Michiana Family Center mission is to collaborate with our community to provide wrap-around and uplifting support for children and families in Foster Care in Michiana.

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    Michiana Mentors

    This program pairs foster and adopted youth with local, caring adult volunteers who walk along-side them, providing wisdom, advice, encouragement, and love.

    What is mentoring?
    Mentoring at MFC is equipping and empowering the youth in our community to be prepared for adult living and to reach their fullest potential. Mentors are equipped with a 9-step mentoring handbook including ideas and worksheets to facilitate conversations about setting goals, support systems, health & nutrition, money management, post-graduation schooling / training, & more.
    Why is mentoring youth important?
    We all need at least one safe, caring adult in our life! Youth need to be seen, heard, and encouraged to try new things. Mentors walk alongside youth as they navigate through life’s challenges, providing wisdom, advice, encouragement, and community. The investment of a caring adult greatly increases the chances that a child will be successful. This benefits not just the youth but also supports that child's family as a whole.
    Who is a mentor?
    Mentors are advocates, teachers, guides, role models, valued friends, and available resources. A mentor is a safe, caring adult who is willing to spend time with, listen to, and encourage a youth in the Michiana area. Anyone who is willing to spend time with, listen to, and love a youth would make an excellent mentor!
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    Michiana Care Teams

    This program surrounds a foster family with a group of people who provide monthly encouragement to that family.

    What is a care team?
    A care team is a group of volunteers who come together once a month to bless a foster family in our community. The care that the team provides could come in any number of forms! It could be a meal, or babysitting, or gifts, or anything else that would encourage that family.

Michiana Care Teams are not live just yet. If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact us by clicking the link below!

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    Foster Parent Support Groups

    Support groups facilitated via MFC are provide emotional and practical encouragement to foster and adoptive parents. In-person and virtual options are both available.

Interested in joining a group, or just like to learn more about them? Contact us by clicking the link below.

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    Meet The Need

    Meet The Need is a place where community members can post and meet each other's needs. 

To learn more about needs in the Michiana area by clicking the button below.